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updates, what's on my horizon, and yes, i'm back!

Hello lovelies!
I am finally back! It took me a while to get back to this, I know, and I'm past when I said I'd be back, but I'm here now!
This post will mainly be updates, and the next ones I have planned will be more varied/fitting to this blog.

First off, there's the play. No one probably cares, but honestly I've got to post something today so here's the updates on that. 
Opening night went really well. We were fifteen seats away from selling out, and I had no issues/fights with anyone on the production team (which became increasingly common as we got closer to performance dates). We also had no costume malfunctions, but the lights didn't work on one side in the first scene.
The second night went even better. We were five seats from selling out, no fights, and no costume malfunctions.
The mattinee on Saturday went horribly. Everyone said they enjoyed it, but being backstage, I saw just how dead the cast was. Everything went r…

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