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a little bit of a change...

So, if you haven't already noticed, I changed my blog theme... again. I am never happy with what I made it to look like, even with the banner. so, I'm simply going to keep it like this. I do like it. It's nice. Clean. Aesthetic.

Also, I've decided I'm going to post on Saturdays. I feel like that'd work a lot better with my schedule and ish.

Anyways, on to the original reason for this...

I'm running out of inspiration. Ideas. Everything, really. I missed the last to blog posts. I wanted to write something good for this week, but I just can't.

School is back in session, and I've got a wordpress blog for my Christian Worldview and Analysis course, and that requires weekly posts.

I'm working on my book. I'm polishing it since I finished the big-picture edits and word-cutting edits. Luckily I've got a class where that is literally what I'm supposed to do for two hours.

I'm directing a play at my school, as well as acting in it.


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