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the things you see. the things you never see. – minnesota gothic

Your local college. The boy that sits on the main staircase in the commons always sits there. Stop waiting for him to leave. It's his home now.

You visit your aunt up in Duluth. She makes you her favorite hotdish, and you listen to Prairie Home Companion while sipping your cups of coffee, curled on the couch. It's not one you've heard before, but you know the stories he's telling.

The abandoned barns sit in the middle of nowhere. Neglected. You stop and take pictures of the dilapidated structure. A new pane of glass rests against the barn the next time you go. And the next, a rotted fence closes off the field and the buildings. A chain bars the entrance, a rusted sign pierced by buckshot bearing "No Trespassing" warns of things which you should not have seen. Did you even see it in the first place?

Be nice to the 7-Eleven clerk. He hasn't had a night of sleep since 1927, and the passage of time confuses him.

The cafe you stop at has been closed for years. …

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